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The highly visible and instantly recognisable CleverMedkit is a complete, fully compliant, first aid solution for the workplace. With 24/7 monitoring and real-time internet connection, usage is immediately identified and incident reports created.

With our suite of software tools, health and safety officers can efficiently track incidents and analyse trends. CleverMedkit provides the knowledge and guidance necessary to target risk and prevent harm in the workplace.

With CleverMedkit you will never need to stock-take or order first-aid supplies again. We will monitor real-time consumption and automatically send replenishment stock as and when required

replenishment + reporting + analytics


The CleverMedkit records every event, capturing user, time and date of the incident along with the inventory used. Monthly summary reports give an overview and you can drill down to individual events.


Incident reports are automatically created for review and to enable trained health and safety staff to take action.


Speed saves lives. Use of critical inventory triggers text and email alerts to key first aiders so that help can be given as soon as possible. Additionally, every CleverMedkit has a ‘Panic Button’ for staff to request immediate assistance.


Identify key trends in your business. Capturing all events allows you to monitor staff health and identify areas of concern. You will increase staff productivity with reduced downtime, enabling you to be proactive in managing risk. All data is available through our API.

We understand the challenges in maintaining workplace first aid systems, from not reporting incidents, to the time taken to collate and analyse events, to managing stock.


With CleverMedkit you will never need to stock-take or order first aid supplies again. We will monitor real-time consumption and automatically send replenishment stock as and when required.


Every interaction with the CleverMedkit is tracked, down to a single plaster. Let technology do the work. Employee, time and location is recorded to enable incident tracking of every event.


CleverMedkit ensures compliance, with real-time incident tracking and automatic stock replenishment. CleverMedkit provides you the tools to fulfil your regulatory requirements.


Use data analysis to make informed decisions and to identify risk areas of your business. CleverMedkit provides efficiencies in reporting, analysing and compliance so that you can focus on education and prevention.

Seeing Is Believing


work smarter with real-time information


CleverMedkit provides you all the tools, as a stand alone solution or integrated with your existing health and safety software.  Providing you ALL the information necessary to make informed and proactive changes in the workplace.

The visibility of CleverMedkit has lifted the profile of our Health and Safety, not only for our staff but also for our customers.

Dave Whalley, McDonalds franchise owner

It’s great to see the photos and events, I never had that visibility before.

Jolene Mcguire, ANZCO Foods

Having to not check stock is saving us so much time, it’s a great system.

Nikki Lee, General Cable


be compliant





Be informed, be engaged and be proactive with your employee safety and health monitoring.


LED lighting ensures the CleverMedkit is highly visible in low lighting.


All events and locations are available through a web interface.


The internationally recognised ‘cross-shaped’ design helps showcase health and safety in your workplace.


High resolution camera used to record and identify users.


CleverMedkit actively manages your inventory levels.

Remote monitoring

You will know what has been used, when, where and by whom.

Panic Button

Our ‘Emergency Panic Button’ feature will immediately notify key personnel that urgent assistance is required.

what our customers get


Installation is a simple non-invasive wall mount with each location connected to your local wifi or optional access through a mobile data network. Our technicians will install the CleverMedkit and provide training to key personnel.


Free replenishment stock for each individual CleverMedkit is supplied to you via courier as it is required, ensuring your CleverMedkit are always fully compliant.


Maintenance and warranty is our responsibility, we will ensure that you always have a fully operational and compliant first aid kit.

Innovative and award winning technology

Champion Canterbury

Champion Canterbury Business Awards, CDC Innovation Award 2014


Winner of the prestigious international award from the Chicago Athenaeum


CleverMedkit wins at the prestigious Edison Awards in New York


2014 “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science


Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery

Founder and CEO

Peter was the founder and CEO of Mooring Systems Limited (NZX: MSL) which listed on the NZX in 2001. MSL merged with Dutch based Cavotec (NZX:CCC) in 2007. Peter then founded Tradevine Limited in 2011 and sold this business to Trade Me in 2012. Peter is an active business mentor, has an MBA from Massey University and is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. Peter is a Beachhead Advisor for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Peter Gillman

Peter Gillman

Founder and Director

Peter has gained extensive experience in safety-related industries over the past 25 years. He is Managing Director of SafeT Limited and General Medical Supplies Limited. Peter has extensive background in importing and selling safety equipment within New Zealand.

Joe Pope

Joe Pope

Chairman and Independent Director

Joe has been a successful Chief Executive and Director of several major organisations. He was previously CEO of ENZA and a member of the Board and Chairman at TradeNZ (now NZTE). Joe has been involved in a number of successful start-ups and companies listed on the NZX, ASX, and the AIM. Joe had also served on the international Board of Cavotec and was Chairman of Team Talk Ltd and Revera Ltd. An accredited Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Joe is also an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Johnny Cochrane

Johnny Cochrane

Independent Director

Johnny is a Partner in Merchant Banking firm Murray & Co. Before joining Murray & Co, Johnny had a career spanning the corporate and investment sectors, working in Asia with a large NZ dairy company, then with a global investment bank. On his return to New Zealand, he spent six years within the private banking arm of a large commercial bank, subsequently he joined Murray & Co. Johnny holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma for Graduates (Finance) from the University of Otago and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Canterbury.

Phil Shipley

Phil Shipley

Product Owner

Phil has over 16 years delivering sophisticated IT solutions into large international companies. A specialist in ERP software solutions, Phil spent many years consulting to global brands.

Dr. Steve Mann

Dr. Steve Mann

Head of Engineering

Steve is passionate about innovation and new product development. With a deep background in electrical and electronic engineering, Steve leads our engineering breakthroughs from concept to commercialisation.


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